Coke Studio Season 10 (Episode 1)

Coke Studio Season 10 (Episode 1)
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Added : Aug 31, 2017
Total Tracks : 4
Description : Originally composed by Nisar Basmi and written by Ahmed Faraz, Mehdi Hassan was responsible for popularizing Ranjish Hi Sahi. In later renditions, Mehdi Hassan added a verse in his rendition Maana Ke Mohabbat Ka, written by Talib Baghpati.
Jaffer Zaidi masterfully carves out a spectrum of rich textures and emotive musical passages. Ali Sethi takes on this classic masterfully, his voice overflowing with the melancholy of heartbreak and the ache of longing. The minimalist, captivating arrangement speaks volumes of the vision that Jaffer Zaidi has as a music director. He creates an intimate environment of solitude that serves as the perfect backdrop for Sethi’s take on a forsaken beau. The..
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Allahu Akbar
Chaa Rahi Kaali Ghata
Ranjish Hi Sahi

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