The Rally

The Rally
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Added : Aug 08, 2017
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Description : Life is one Rally , Rally of Dream, Rally of Struggle, Rally of Life, Lust and Love.
To achieve all, you at times become selfish, mean and ruthless, caring for no emotions of others but one goal, that’s, to fulfill your dreams at any cost.
Kamlapati Dogra (Paploo) was one true liar, fantasizing the world, truly victimizing people. His aim in life was to reach his goal. The dream he lived with since childhood was to participate in the Himalayan Rally at any cost, though it was difficult but he knew he would achieve it, by any means.
Bubble had to pay that cost, Kamlapati Dogra ruined her faith, he played with her emotions and in the bargain he lost her for his own gains.
Will it..
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Main Jo Dekhu Na Tujhe
Naiyo Jeena
Teri Bhen Di Kurti

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