Species III

Species III
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Downloads 237
Quality : Master
Added : Feb 16, 2014
Ratings :  4.2  / R
Released : Nov 27, 2004
Genre : Sci-Fi, Horror, Thriller
Length : 111 min
Country : USA
Language : English
Actors : Robin Dunne, Robert Knepper, Sunny Mabrey, Amelia Cooke
Director : Brad Turner
Writer :
Description : While being transported in a military ambulance and supposed dead, Eve delivers an offspring and is killed by a half-breed. The baby girl is abducted by Dr. Abbot, and a couple of days later she grows up, reaching adulthood and becoming a gorgeous young woman called Sara. Dr. Abbot expects to develop a perfect DNA using Sara's eggs and win the Nobel Prize, and invites the student Dean to be his assistant and share his research..
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