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Downloads 105
Quality : WebRip
Added : Jan 08, 2018
Ratings :  5.6  / R
Released : Jan 05, 2018
Genre : Drama
Length : 100 min
Country : United States
Language : English
Actors : Trieste Kelly Dunn, Chris Messina, Nadia Alexander, Geneva Carr, Tate Donovan, Quinn Shephard, Owen Campbell, Tessa Albertson, Sarah Mezzanotte, Luke Slattery, Larry Mitchell, Marcia DeBonis, Michael Jefferson, Michelle Martinez, And Palladino, Elizabeth Ann Howell, Whitney Harris, Lily Houghton, Sherilyn James, Ashley La Selva, Julie Dwoskin, Carlyle Owens, Jack Labbe, Phelan Tupik, Allie Nelson
Director : Quinn Shephard
Writer : Quinn Shephard, Laurie Shephard
Description : Chris Messina stars as a substitute drama teacher whose taboo relationship with an unstable student (Quinn Shephard) strikes a nerve in her jealous classmate (Nadia Alexander), sparking a vengeful chain of events within their suburban high school that draws parallels to Arthur Miller's 'The Crucible'.
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